Forklift and Aerial lift certification for IATSE members

MEWP Full Operator Class for IATSE

This class is for IATSE operators of either powered industrial trucks (forklifts) or mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP/aerial lifts). If your local has a coupon code enter it in for your discount, if they don't we are open to setting up discount arrangements with any local in the country.

The new ANSI Standards for aerial lifts, is A92.22 & A92.24. They are now called Mobile Elevating Work Platforms or MEWP and affect all types of aerial work platforms, even those that had not previously been part of an aerial standard like forklift man-baskets and scissor lifts.These standards are currenty in effect and will be subject to OSHA fines shortly. This training class provides the operator training materials for all MEWP equipment and is the formal training portion of the certification requirement. This class comes with access to the occupant training system to help operators train occupants.

Operators will still need to be evaluated on the lift they are going to operate at the job site or facility, but this class will provide the training documentation and an operator license (both digital and plastic).

Duration: 3 years
Price: $59.99