CertifyIATSE.com is managed by Forklift University, Forklift U, LLC., an industry leader in OSHA Forklift and Aerial lift operator training.

Forklift University has been at the forfront of operator training since early 2005 and while our roots are solidly ground in the southwest United States, we have grown to cover the entire country and have even branched into the United Kingdom and Canada over the last few years.

Our individual training centers in Las Vegas and Phoenix are state of the art, with sit-down and stand up reach lifts so operators can get quality hands on driver training. But we go above and beyond with virtual reality forklift simulators that provide a safe and structured environment for new operator training.

All training classes are designed to help IATSE members to refresh their operator licenses for their local union requirements. Training classes are designed and assume that operators have the skill and experience operating the equipment they will use. If your local does not provide a discount coupon code for your training, contact Forklift University.Forklift University currently provides training for the 720 local and for the NFL Network.

For more information contact us at 888-674-9992 or use the contact for for more information.